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Welding Head

1. 产品名称:弥散铜合金电焊头

Product Name:Alumina Dispersed Copper Alloy Welding Head


2. 产品描述:本产品适用于电池生产中点焊镍带、渗镍钢片、镀层钢带等。可避免粘电极现象发生,具有焊接部位不发黄、焊点美观、避免虚焊现象产生、杜绝焊接火花的现象产生、优越的导电性以及导热性能、良好的高温性能、符合SGS环保标准要求等优点。

Product descriptionThis product is suitable for spot welding nickel strips, nickel-impregnated steel sheets and plated steel strips in battery production. It can avoid the phenomenon of sticky electrodes, has the advantages of no yellowing of the weld area, beautiful weld joints, avoiding the phenomenon of false welding, eliminating the phenomenon of welding sparks, superior electrical and thermal conductivity, good high temperature performance, and meets the requirements of SGS environmental standards.


3. 产品特点 Product features


The softening temperature is up to 930°C, which is relatively high in copper alloys.

导电率高达85%IACS,散热性能介于钨铜(220 W/m.k) 以及纯铜(390 W/m-k)之间。

Electrical conductivity up to 85% IACS, thermal performance between tungsten copper (220 W/m.k) and pure copper (390 W/m-k).


Hardness in excess of HRB84, high strength, good fatigue and wear resistance.


4. 产品优点 Product benefits


Resistant to softening, ablation and long service life.


High number of spot welds, electrode life more than 5 times that of ordinary chrome zirconium copper.


Reduced downtime for electrode resharpening and increased efficiency of automatic welding lines.


Welding of coated copper and aluminium without bonding the electrode provides a terminal solution for the welding of galvanised steel.


Indispensable electrode material for welding galvanised steel, nickel-plated sheet, nickel strip, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, brass, etc.


5. 性能表 Performance table


Tensile strength MPa


Hardness HRB


Straightness mm/m


Conductivity ICAS %








The performance of dispersion-reinforced copper is derived from the addition of alumina. The size of the alumina particles is only 3 to 12 nanometres and the particle spacing is about 50 to 100 nanometres, which is thermally stable*, even at temperatures close to the melting point of copper. as well as hardness and strength are well maintained.


6. 产品规格 Product specification


Diameter 3 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, etc.